A distinctive interpretation of the “brick” surface. Wey is a small format tile that can complete even the most minimalist setting with its shiny undulating surface. Wey offers a timeless but contemporary mood where the colours illuminate the surface of the small size 52x160mm, for a captivating wall covering.

The high shade variation and undulating surface preserves the perceptions of craftmanship; highlighted by the chromatic range of twelve pleasant tones to create retro-style laying patterns that can be perfectly combined with the most contemporary design. The colour spectrum is versatile thanks to the presence of blues, greens, pinks and greys declined in warm and cold tones that allow you to combine different shades in gradation. 

Wey ensures the advantages of white-body tiles and the decorative features of small sizes: superior quality colours and glazes, ease of installation and maintenance. The richness of the enamel gives the surface intensity, and the small dimensions offer the perfect touch of elegance to the surfaces.

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