Keeping on trend for 2015, Grestec has turned to the retro elegance of the chevron pattern. Here’s some of their favourite chevron pattern ranges:


Lavara presents a series of glazed porcelain tiles based on a theme of opposites. Inspired by contrasts and contradictions, the series juxtaposes Earth: a style with coarse and irregular characteristics, alongside marble: a style with timeless elegance.

Lavara is comprised of tiles for every situation thanks to the rich range of sizes available including: 600×600, 300×600, 200×200, 75x600mm, hexagon, chevron and arabesque patterns; all this to give an extensive range of interpretation to each individual material.

Lavara chevron

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Mitrewood is comprised of planks inspired by the appeal of wooden strips from barrels used for “Criaderas y Soleras”; a technique used for ageing prestigious wines and spirits such as sherry and brandy. Whilst the natural wood could never be used as a floor or wall covering, Grestec are able to offer a porcelain tile that reproduces the wood grain and the fascinating markings left when liquids have stood for a long-time in the barrels, and reflect the natural visual effects that occur in wood as it ages.

The high technical qualities of porcelain, with the rich warmth of an aged wood make this collection an excellent choice for chic interior spaces that are high traffic but demand a warm aesthetic.

French Pattern Avana small

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Versatile white body ceramic wall tiles with a traditional handmade look. Available in various appealing colours and two formats of 132×400 and 65x400mm.

Country Mix_setting_2

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