Grestec Tiles offer a range of timber effect collections made from full-bodied porcelain. Achieve the aesthetics, visuals and feel of natural timber but with the strength and durability of a porcelain tile that’s easy to maintain.

Intuition, innovation and aesthetics are at the base of Grestec’s Legni range; a real alternative to natural wooden floorings. Legni conceals a highly ambivalent character combining the poetry of the past and the technology of the future. Legni presents sixteen precious woods in different hues, ranging from delicate to strong. Choose from warm and harmonious; cosy and homely; strong and involving tones or a refined elegant feel. The intrinsic quality of Legni lies in its great versatility; its superior aesthetics and technical properties make them ideal companions in designing both interiors and exteriors. Legni collection combines beauty with a profound respect for the environment; creating a perfect alternative to natural wood flooring.

Le Shack
Le Shack is a diverse alternative to natural wooden floorings, a real contrast to our Legni range. Le Shack presents eight woods in different hues, ranging from a more natural timber effect to an artificial timber effect for a more vintage feel. Stylise your architecture with this retro feel to take you back to the post-modern past. Le Shack is available in 144x893mm planks and achieves an R9 slip rating.

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