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2018 Emerging Tile Trends

NEW NEUTRALS The grey and white colour trend has steadily shifted as we enter 2018 into a warmer and refreshing pallet of greige, sage green, powdery peach, taupe and sultry blue hues. 2018 shades are set to be modern and simplistic but with a touch of warmth. These mellow shades are perfect to int [...]
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Slip resistance/ Pendulum test (PTV) advice

- The Pendulum test measures dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF). The test is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. -When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip. - This test works in wet condi [...]
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Wear resistance: PEI Ratings explained

WEAR RESISTANCE: PEI RATINGS EXPLAINED Wear-resistance properties of glazed vitreous and porcelain stoneware tiles in accordance with EN ISO 10545-7.All floor coverings are exposed to wear. The extent of wear is primarily dependent on the following factors:• Frequency of use• Degree of soili [...]
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