Grestec Tiles offer a range of quirky shaped tiles from Rhombus shapes to fish-scale – see some of our favourite ranges here.

Rombo – Rhombus Shapes 

Rombo is a new ceramic wall tile series from Grestec Tiles. The unique rhombus shaped wall tiles can be colour coordinated and customized for endless laying possibilities. Available in 9 colours, 4 textures and a rhombus tile size of 140x240mm.

PQR36590_PQR36593_PQR36595_setting PQR36592_PQR36596_setting

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Amiens – Arabesque 

Amiens is a ceramic tile collection from Grestec and is a revival of a traditional tile from the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East. The look that this form creates diverts the visual effect away from that created by conventional shaped tiles and presents an imaginative, playful finish that gives the feeling of movement to any space. The Amiens collection balances the shapes origin in history with a mixture of contemporary and classic colours which makes the finished result modern yet tradition.

Amiens_NTSH34571_NTSH34572_NTSH34579 Amiens_NTSH34571_NTSH34573_NTSH34576_NTSH34579

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Tierra – Fish Scale 

A rich selection of decorative elements, bright colours, exquisite decoration and, of course, the quality of raw materials. Tierra is a unique combination of past and present. Design opportunities are endless.

Tierra_ADS32511_5 Tierra_ADS32514_6

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Lavara – Hexagons 

Lavara presents a series of glazed porcelain tiles based on a theme of opposites. Inspired by contrasts and contradictions, the series juxtaposes Earth: a style with coarse and irregular characteristics, alongside marble: a style with timeless elegance.

ZBM38367HEX_ZBM38365HEX_setting LOWER ZBM38367_setting_3

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