When we say ‘XXL’ we mean the biggest porcelain stoneware slabs ever made: a surface measuring 1500×3000 mm with a micro thickness of just 6mm. This new technology of high-tech porcelain stoneware combines workability with strength in a particular light & flexible product. The big panels in the XXL line meet architects need to speak a language that interprets the aim of contemporary space. A format so large it minimises gaps to create a surface that appears uniform.

Varied and versatile in order to offer the most compositional possibilities to the design, XXL is studied to expand the intended use of the contemporary porcelain tiles: just 6mm thickness make it ideal for walls and flooring and also for high-traffic areas.

XXL opens new dimensions for contemporary architecture because it combines low thicknesses with large formats, guaranteeing high technical performance, a lower load on floors and an aesthetic quality never before seen.

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