Mosaics from Grestec Tiles have recently been donated to the Community Space Challenge for a community project, based in London. Young people of the community have collaborated together to create these aesthetically pleasing and imaginative art mosaics for a local park on Tower Bridge road, London.
The Community Space Challenge work with young people to take on run down and forgotten spaces and change them into fresh green places for everyone to use and enjoy, and Grestec Tiles are proud to be have been a part of this.
Grestec’s Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important and we believe it is essential to recycle and reuse all the materials we can. As a Green company, we donate our unused, discontinued sample tiles to charities and schools, to help bring together young people and help local communities. Grestec are passionate about the environment and have a range of tiles made from recycled content too.
We are extremely inspired by what the young people of the community have accomplished with the mosaics and think that they have done a fantastic job!
For more information on the projects that the Community Space Challenge are working on please visit: or to view our collections made from recycled content please visit: