With many design professionals working from home or in reduced facilities, the Grestec A5 sample card system has proven an invaluable resource to select from real samples with all the information needed for specification to hand in a compact, home office, friendly way!

Our A5 tile sample cards are a lightweight, compact addition to your sample library, designed to take up minimal space. Our sample cards can be ordered individually or as one of our pre-made box sets.

Each set comprises of eight to nine popular tile ranges, each with their own card; these are detailed on our website. Tile swatches are presented on one side and the specification information on the back.

Choose from the following sets:
Design, Architectural 1.0, Architectural 2.0 and Commercial Flooring.
Sample cards can also be ordered individually.

Contact us to request sales@grestec.co.uk, 0345 130 2241. Alternatively you can request a box set on our website.