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When specifying tiles for a commercial project, HSE anti-slip guidelines advise and recommend using tiles that meet particular floor slip rating requirements.


Ramp Test

For shod working areas, slip rating requirements are classified as ‘R Ratings’ and are based on the extent of the slip risk. These range from R9, the lowest, up to R13, which is the highest requirement.

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V Ratings

A tile’s V rating is an important consideration when specifying tiles and is a classification which defines the volume of water dispersal of a tile. V ratings are particularly important for areas where water is likely to be present, e.g. swimming pools, shower areas, reception areas and outdoor areas etc. V ratings are classified as V0 (lowest) up to V10 (highest).

>>View our slip rating eBook, which identifies V ratings for a host of working areas.


Pendulum Test

The Pendulum test measures dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF), and is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. Pendulum Test results are measured as PTV and are determined as follows:

Pendulum test results

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The Pendulum test is HSE’s preferred method of testing, because it is portable and works in the conditions that slip accidents happen.

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