The popularity of the encaustic effect tile has continued well into 2015. The vintage look is the perfect effect for many interiors, and our porcelain tiles which imitate original encaustic tiles are the perfect alternative for creating this look:


Emperor is a terracotta, encaustic, cement-effect range with an exclusive variety of decors. Emperor recaptures the taste for decoration making it more contemporary. The terracotta-cement look is exalted by the hexagonal form and by the classic 200x200mm size of the tile. The 3 warm and 3 cold hues extend across the entire chromatic range to create personalised ambiances that are perfect for every circumstance.

RAT31735HEX_RAT31736HEX_RAT31749_setting_2 low Emperor  MIX_setting

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Simplex Patterns is a concept which was designed from four colours from our original simplex collection: White, Grey, Clay and Mud. These four colours were the focus to help create a unique, fresh and unusual concept, where a re-interpretation of graphic decoration meets the latest ceramic technologies.

Simplex Patterns creates a vintage feel but with a modern versatile soul, and is suitable for both walls and floors. The range is available in 9 different patterns in two shades (White and Grey or Clay and Mud), all on a 200x200mm size.

Simplex_Patterns_Mix_setting_1 Simplex_Patterns_Mix_setting_2

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Cafe Cement 

Café Cement presents vintage features to enhance a contemporary living; it is an identity, a style, and a proud acknowledgement of past times. Café Cement is a porcelain tile collection with a retro cement encaustic effect, with all the charm of the classic retro tile but with all the benefits of porcelain.

APK6272_setting_2  600

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