Industrial style

The emerging trend for an industrial look is inspired by the foundation of original features which embrace the heritage of an industrial era. The strong, explicit look will be seen even more across modern interiors, with more ceramics channelling iron, copper, brick and concrete effects for an edgy, on trend style. The look is easily created by mixing textured surfaces including beaten metals, exposed bricks and rustic woods.
industrial-glass   ancoats   stage


The pattern tile trend has been well distinguished in the interior design world for the past couple of years, with encaustic inspired designs appearing in areas least expected. This year pattern tiles will reach a new high and will be appearing in projects even more. We will find interior designers mixing patterns for a bold look with personality. Pattern tiles are the perfect design element to inject a pop of colour or add depth to a simple design scheme.
samar emperor  orla-patterns


Geometric designs have been prominent in the interior design world for a while now, but this year we will see even more irregular geometric tile shapes in our designs. Elongated hexagons apposed to regular hexagons, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses all contribute to this fun and bold style to create a design element not seen before.
orla-geometric   play-geometric   binny-geometric


While the classic brick layout trend is fading out, creative playful layouts take the limelight. Herringbone, chevron and vertically laid metro tile designs will become ever more popular in 2017 design schemes.
umbra   lavara   play


This year we will see the emerging trend for tactile tiles with lined and fabric finishes.
camp-fabrics   orla-fabric   hard-leather-fabric


While 3D and 3D effect tiles are not new to the interior design world;  in 2017 the trend will continue to evolve and we will begin to see much more of this style but with designs that push the boundaries even further.
capra-3d   ora-3d   rombo-3d


Marble is a timeless classic that we will continue to see across interior designs. But this year the style will be more prominent in large formats, for a seamless look.
calke   marmi-xxl   divine
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