Diesel Living explores five moods, combined with aged fabrics, canvas and jute, whilst interpreting an urban/grunge style in keeping with the hard rock aesthetic of the Diesel brand. Industrial Glass, Camp, Solid Concrete, Stage and Hard leather are the ceramic tile ranges which work together to form the Diesel Living concept.
Grestec have collaborated with Iris Ceramica to introduce, and exclusively supply the range to the UK’s architectural market.

Visit Grestec Studio 332 22-23 November at Sleep 2016 for the launch of Grestec Diesel Living.

Grestec Industrial Glass- Diesel Living (COMING SOON)
Industrial Glass wall tiles are complete with a mix of metal and craquelé texture effects to form innovative, industrial style wall panels that can be utilised to create an extraordinary effect for interiors. The typical outdoor glass of industrial windows enters the home and makes your interior design unique.

Grestec Solid Concrete- Diesel Living (COMING SOON)
Solid Concrete is a hyper-realistic porcelain tile imitation of urban concrete with cracks, crazing and variation in shade. The industrial inspiration is expressed in a very strong explicit style; offering a bold and daring, urban option for commercial interiors.

Grestec Camp- Diesel Living (COMING SOON)
Grestec Camp maintains the well-known military style of the Diesel brand; combining canvas, hessian and tarpaulin effects with the glossy glazed surface of ceramics, and the hard surfaces of stone.

Stage- Diesel Living (COMING SOON)
Structured, corroded, dented, dulled metal – Stage Boss (checker plate finish) is distinctive, and can be utilised for a revolutionary new style. Commercial interiors that acquire a strong character, to impress and make a strong statement with an industrial style, choose Stage.

Hard Leather- Diesel Living (COMING SOON)
Visit Grestec Studio 332 at the Business Design Centre during the Sleep Event (22-23 November) for the launch. Get directions