Simplex Shades is a product designed starting from four colours from our Simplex collection: white, grey, clay and anthracite. We worked on these four shades and created a unique, fresh and unusual concept: Simplex Shades. You can view the Simplex Shades brochure here.

Simplex Di Legno 

Simplex Di Legno gives porcelain a unique and demanding effect. Four wood effect colours with six surprising structures; rough, retro, aged, scratched, wavy & delicate, are mixed together with a refined personality for an extraordinary effect.

Bbad in der Mansarde TTB30370_setiing

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Simplex Patterns 

Simplex Patterns is a fresh concept where a re-interpretation of graphic decoration meets the latest ceramic technologies. Simplex Patterns creates a vintage yet modern feel, and is suitable for both walls and floors. The range is available in 9 different patterns in two shades, white and grey or clay and anthracite, all on a 200x200mm size.

Simplex_Patterns_Mix_setting_1  Simplex_Patterns_Mix_setting_2 low

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Simplex Piccolo 

Simplex Piccolo is a handcrafted white body wall tile with a vintage taste, melted with contemporary colours and essential finishes. Its a contrast between tradition and modern design which results in a new a unique mood.

TTB30362_setting TTB30365_setting

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Simplex Dos 

Simplex Dos presents porcelain tiles in a 100x200mm brick size; an antique size, refreshed by the latest technologies. The rustic brick look is combined with reclaimed stone and concrete to create a unique blend. 

TTB30368_setting Luxury Kitchen Cabinet (Wooden Furniture) Perspective View

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Elementary is the glass soul of the Simplex Shades concept. Available in glass mosaics & glass listels in the four Simplex shades.

TTB30373_setting  TTB30373_TTB30375_setting

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